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Uncover Uses & Prioritize Activities To Achieve Your  Business Goals

Do You Know How To Maximize The Benefits Of Your Open Top-Level Domain?

 Can you estimate the value of your proposed TLD string? 

 Does your pricing model align with your goals?

 What are your financial forecasts and calculate your ROI?

 What are the registration challenges?

How to reach your target audiences? 

How to apply and attain your TLD?

Want to get Your Open TLD into Action?

TLD Class – A meticulously crafted, in-depth and dynamic program designed to guide all ideas (big or small) to their full potential

Take Your TLD to The Top

Open Top-Level Domains

Let’s take your idea to the next level!  TLD Class will thoroughly evaluate your idea, identify target audiences, devise a winning pricing strategy, assess competitors and project your financial rewards.  With a customized, comprehensive and actionable plan, you’ll be on your way to bringing  your idea to life and achieving your vision of success.

Brands Top-Level Domains

Realize the full potential of your business with your exclusive dotBrand! Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by the details and hello to understanding the extensive uses and value of your dotBrand.  TLD Class will uncover it’s benefits, craft a customized plan and win over your team.  Let us unlock the true potential of taking your brand to the top.

Revitalize Your TLD

Does your TLD need a fresh perspective?  Our team of experts is here to help – freeing up your time to focus on other important matters.  We’re not just a partner, we’re a trusted alley with the expertise to unlock the true potential of your TLD or a new approach to take it to the next level.  We’re here to propel your TLD to new heights of success.

The gap between ICANN applications & Realizing the Value of Owning a TLD

ICANN Application
(The Why)

  Type of TLD Application

  Abuse & Security Policies

  Technical & Operational Capabilities

  Data Escrow 

  Financial Projections

The Gap

Business Success
(The How)

  Define the goals 

  Discover & evaluate  uses

  Assess & prioritize activities

  Evaluate the value & determine ROI 

  Create implementation plan

Here's How to Get Started with Your Open Top-Level Domain:

TLD Class Schedule a appointment to put your TLD at the top!
TLD Class steps to apply and launch your top-level domain

Schedule an appointment

We’ll ensure class is the right fit for your proposed TLD.

Sign-up for TLD Class
Step 2 Enroll in TLD Class

Enroll in TLD Class

We’ll onboard you and start developing your TLD!

Discover the potential of open and brand ICANN top-level domains at TLD Class
Step 3 Develop your TLD plan in TLD Class

Develop your Open TLD Plan

Uncover and prioritize items that deliver the greatest value to your TLD.

Submit Your ICANN Application at TLD Class
Step 4 Submit your top-level-domain application to ICANN

Submit Your Application to ICANN

Finalize and pay the ICANN application fee.

Launch your Top-Level Domain at TLD Class
Step 5 Launch your TLD with TLD Class

Launch your TLD

Start realizing the benefits of your TLD(s) knowing an expert team is always at hand to assist.

Why Choose Us for Your Open TLD Plans?

Hands-On Experience

Most consultants know about TLDs without ever having worked ON TLDs. Without hands-on registry or brand experience, it puts the success of your TLD at risk. We've done it and see it and can help you avoid common mistakes.


We're committed to providing objective, forthright, confidential guidance to help make your TLD a success, not to sell you additional services.

Solid Results

We know what it takes! With experience in the daily operations of over 30 open & dotBrand TLDs and a 100% success rate on over 50 Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) applications in the first round.

TLDs we individually helped to apply or operate from the last round of new gTLDs: